Wellness for Life

Work just started this “Wellness for Life” program for it’s employees. I love the idea, and from the line that I had to wait in for an hour and a half yesterday was any indication, others did as well. It’s a 20 week program, being weighed, blood pressured, and resting heart rated every so ofter. Prizes award for progress and dedication (via tracking on myfitnesspal.com). I’m pretty stoked. Anyway, here are my stats:
Weight: 213.4
Height: 6’0″
Blood Pressure: 138/86
Heart Rate: 96
Body Fat %: 26%

I went ahead and measured my neck, waist, and hips as well.
Neck: 15inches
Waist: 36inches
Hips: 41inches

So there you have it. I will keep everything posted as they develop

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