Wellness for Life – Second Weigh In

Ok, So today was the second weigh in day.  The first was on Feb 11, and you can see those stats here.

Here are my stats for this month:

Weight:  204.1  (9.3lbs loss)

Blood Pressure: 150/90 (WOW!  Major jump, I don’t know what happened)

Rest Heart Rate: 88 (8bpm improvement)

So there you have it.  I improve definitely, but the Blood Pressure is freaking me out.  I can even tell a difference once I get messured.  As soon as they wrap the cuff around my arm, my mind/body/heart starts acting weird.  It’s like I’m scared of the test.  I don’t know how to explain it.

You’ll also notice on the right, that my “MyFitnessPal” tracker has been updated as well.  That thing is so cool!

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