Wellness for Life – Third Weigh In

Last week were the “official” weigh in days, but since I was out of town, I had to miss them.  Well, I put it off all week due to trying to get caught up, but I HAD to have it completed by today.

I went down to the fitness center after lunch (already thinking I’ll weigh more because I had the day’s food in me) to get the measurements.  Here they are:

Weight:  194.9  (9.2 lbs loss since weigh in #2, and 18.5 lbs total since start)

Blood Pressure: 136/88 (lower than the bad one on weigh in #2, and slightly better since the start)

Rest Heart Rate: 78 (10bpm improvement over weigh in #2, and 18 bpm improvement since the start)


So there they are.  I’m liking the improvements, but numbers really don’t matter.  It’s what people are saying…  I went to the opener for the Louisville Bats with some friends, and they couldn’t believe how much different I looked.  One of them just saw me two weeks ago!  It made me feel good to know people see the changes in me.

I’m gonna keep on working and eating right!  It’s a lifestyle change, not a quick fix!

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