Day 1 of using supplements

So, I wanted to get the most out of my workouts.  I have a friend who is a CPT, so I decided to get his opinion.  He suggested three products…

supernosFirst is Super NOS Pump by Body Fortress.

“Super NOS Pump can be used during exercise when blood flow to muscles dramatically increases, and post-exercise when muscles demand a rapid supply of amino acids and carbohydrates for recovery.”

This is to be taken 45 before your workout and immediately after.

glutamineThe next product was Glutamine Powder also by Body Fortress.

“Glutamine is used as a cellular fuel, supports protein metabolism, and may help replenish muscle glycogen stores when combined with carbohydrates.”

This is to be taken immediately after your workout to speed recovery.

6wheyLastly is Whey protein by Six Star Muscle.

“Professional Strength Whey Protein is packed with clinically proven musclebuilding accelerators to quickly spike your blood amino acid levels and shuttle protein into your muscles.”

This is to be taken with the glutamine mix above in the same drink.

I also am starting to take a multi-vitamin with a meal each day.  

I will let you know how these pan out.

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