Earlier this year, I decided to turn my life around. I was overweight, and not happy with my body. I was getting divorced, and feeling like I was still too young to let myself go. Besides, I was not gonna take my shirt off in front of anyone without the lights being off.

So I started on the healthy path. I started eating clean/healthy. I started working on occasionally. Then started Beachbody home workout programs. Then came the Haters.


Hater example #1 – So I started Power 90 and all it’s glory. People seemed interested. Questions like “How are you doing on that program?”, “Have you missed any days?”, “Are you eating right?”, etc. They seemed like they cared that I succeeded. Yet, they kept asking every week, then every other day… It was annoying. Yes, Yes, Yes. I am in this fully. It’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle change. I knew then, they wanted me to fail. They wanted me to FAIL. Why you ask? Because they wanted to prove to themselves, that it’s fruitless to do something in their own lifes to make themselves better. They wanted another example of someone giving up because it’s too hard. That’s HATER #1!

Hater example #2 – These are the hurtful Haters. These are the ones, who don’t see you everyday. As soon as they do, they let you know it. “Oh my, you look sick!”, “You’ve lost too much weight”, “You need some meat on your bones”, “You don’t look healthy”. My response is always the same “Fit isn’t healthy?”, “I’m not skinny, I’m fit. There’s a difference”. Now what’s hurtful about this, is that a lot of these people, are the ones who you thought were close friends. Well, they aren’t. They’re HATERS!

Hater example #3 – These aren’t so much as haters, but they are definitely annoying as hell. They say things like “Can you make me a copy of those DVDs you’re doing?”, “Tell me what to eat”, etc. Now, I don’t mind helping people on their fitness journey. I’m not a bootlegger though. So I point them in the direction to get the DVDs for purchase. I point them to my food diary on myfitnesspal.com. BUT, they don’t listen. They ask again a couple of days later, for copies of the DVDs again (while holding a Mt. Dew mind you). So in my book, they are still Haters.


Haters bother me. A LOT. But, I use that for my motivation. I’ll show you haters. Keep on Hating on me, cause I’m gonna keep on making me better!


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2 Responses to Haters!

  1. Lizz says:

    *not a hater*

    I’m actually using you.

    …for inspiration 😉

    I’m in awe of your dedication everyday thru your tweets and your blog and whatnot.

    Plus, I have a feeling, I might get to see BuffJohnny pics in the near future. Hee hee.

  2. Steven says:

    great information in this post! Thanks for sharing =) cheers!

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