Bike Shopping

I haven’t shared this here yet.  I may have silently added it to my “Goals” tab at the top of this blog, but definitely haven’t posted anything about it.  Well, I’ve decided I’m going to do a Triathlon.  It will be just a Sprint, but may blossom into a full.  In order to do a Tri, I need to round out the third sport – Cycling.

Now, cycling is very new to me.  I had a bike in college, but nothing I’d brag about.  I work with a really nice guy, who is a huge cyclist, so I had reached out to him to see if he’d give some guidance on a bike for me.  I was expecting a couple options from him, and a small blurb.  This guy took the time to write a LOT.  There is a lot to know about cycling, as I have found since that fist inquiry (over a month ago).  I started buying Bicycle Magazine (and Triathlon Magazine as well), trying to learn all I can.  Well, I’m not really learning much…

Yesterday, I decided I needed to go to a store and learn in person.  I needed to see what “size” I am, and try to see what was in my price range.  My cycling friend recommended Clarksville Schwinn as a good store to visit, so I headed across the bridge.  Once there, was greeted by a salesman, , who was very helpful and easy to talk with.  I was able to be my silly self, and he played along nicely.  He explained a lot, held my hand if you will.  He even says I was ridiculous for my plans to do a tri!  haha!  We finally narrowed it down to a couple of bikes, so we needed to find a size, and test ride.  Some jokes ensued about being “top tall” (which I’m not btw!), and finally settled on about 53cm.  

Giant LogoThe first bike I got on was the Giant Defy 1.  I took about three rides on this, and fell in love.  I didn’t want to be crazy, since this is the first bike (you know, like the first girl you lose your virginity too), so I knew I wanted to try others.  (Here’s the Bicycling Mag review of the Defy 1c)

Cannondale LogoThe second bike was the Cannondale CAAD9 – 5.  This was a much better looking bike, hands down.  I wanted to like this bike.  I took one ride, and HATED IT.  The saddle hurt my butt big time.  Now I know I can get a new seat, but it ruined the initial ride.  I decided to ride it one more time to try and see how the rest of the bike felt.  I couldn’t tell.  The seat still bothered me too much.  

Here’s a comparison/spec of the two bikes

Well, so far, the Giant is what I want.  I just have to scrape together around $1200!  That’s the goal though.  Wish me luck…  

Giant Defy 1

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