Wellness for Life – 6th & Final Weigh in

I was sad to see this program come to an end.  I have no idea what fanfare they’ll give the program.  It seems ever since the first month, it’s kinda lost it’s luster with the organizers.  That didn’t keep me from being excited for each weigh in.  I’ll post here if anything comes of it.  Oh, here are my stats…

First Weigh In (2/11) = 213.4
Second Weigh In (3/3) = 204.1
Third Weigh In (4/10) = 194.9
Fourth Weigh In (5/7) = 189
Fifth Weigh In (6/12) = 180

Sixth Weigh In (7/2) = 178.9

Blood Pressure
First = 138/86
Second = 150/92
Third = 136/88
Fourth = 116/73
Fifth = 118/72

Sixth = 110/68

Heart Rate
First = 96
Second = 88
Third = 78
Fourth = 71
Fifth = 75

Sixth = 78

So I have lost 34+lbs, drastically improved my blood pressure, and resting heart rate.  I exceeded my weight loss goal by 6lbs.  I was just guessing on what I wanted to weigh though, because I had no clue (still don’t).  I don’t care actually.  I want to look and feel good.  That’s what is most important.

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