Dick’s Sporting Goods, thank you


As you see on the right side of this page, I’m on Twitter.  I really enjoy it, and have been kind of obsessed with it lately.  It’s really the only place I can get real time updates on the Tour de France.  Anyway.  I follow the Dick’s Sporting Goods CMO, Jeff Hinnion.  One day a couple of weeks ago, he posted this…

“Twitter followers…what’s the one thing you would change about us if you could? $50 gift card to 3 most insightful responses.”

So I thought I’d give my .02 cents.

“@dickssportcmo change – expert advise. ie, if I’m buying running shoes, let me buy from a runner. Let them evaluate my running to help me.”

Well, about a week later, a response from Jeff…

@cardboy @geomarkley @cromito @djjustjohn Your ideas were the best of what we don’t do. DM me with email and we’ll get gift cards to you.”

Yay, I’m a winner!  I never win anything.  They even overnight the gift card to me.  Pretty sweet deal.  It’s nice to know companies listen.  They even sent a nice card with the gift card.  I’m impressed.  Now to decide what to get!  Too much to choose from.

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One Response to Dick’s Sporting Goods, thank you

  1. LizzB says:

    Ha! So cool! Congrats!

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