Week 8, Final Week of Beginner Run Program

running group

This week completed the 8 week Runner’s World Beginner Running Program.  If you’ve been following, this program was not about distance or speed.  It was only to be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping.  I have felt strong for the last 3 weeks, so last week, I started with the 30 min running on Friday, and just continued on through this week.  I’m very proud of myself for completing this program.  As always though, the completion of one program, only is the beginning of a new one.  So Sunday evening, I will begin the Half Marathon plan, also from Runner’s World.  Here are last week’s stats…

Sunday – 27 Min Run/1 Min Walk + 2 Min Run 30 min run = 608 cal burn

Monday –  20 Min Run/1 Min Walk + 9 Min Run 30 min run = 467 cal burn

Tuesday – 28 min run/1 min walk + 1 min run 30 min run = 496 cal burn

Wednesday – 30 min walk = 128 cal burn

Thursday –  29 Min Run/1 Min Walk 30 min run = 449 cal burn

Friday – 30 min run = 415 cal burn

Saturday – rest day

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4 Responses to Week 8, Final Week of Beginner Run Program

  1. Gina says:

    What race are you planning?

  2. DJ JustJohn says:

    I have a few, but for the half, I’m doing the Louisville Half Marathon in October:

  3. Keisha says:

    Um what plan are you following now? I know you said you want to get to 6 soon.

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