New Picture comparison

Ok, I’ve been really bad about taking my pictures every 30 days.  I didn’t take Day 90/Day 1 for Power 90 end and P90X start.  I didn’t even take day 30 pictures for P90X.  I’ll do better going forward.  Here is a side by side by side – Day 1 Power 90, Day 60 Power 90, & Day 60 P90X.  I have others that I’ll post, once I find the other pictures from Power 90 (I know, where can they be?).

comp 2

I also can’t figure out why I won’t fix my hair on picture day…

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6 Responses to New Picture comparison

  1. Keisha says:

    nice progress!

  2. LizzB says:

    Weird. I thought you haven’t been posting. Your feed hasn’t been updating on my feeder.

    Nice pics!!! How about some frontal action? Not the full monty or anything.

    I regret not remembering to do wk 1 pics. I have wk 6. Mine will probably never see the light of day though. You get a gold star for bravery.

  3. Heather says:

    That’s pretty cool to see… especially from someone who isn’t on an infomertial. This is very informative!

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