Running – Week 1 of Half Marathon plan


With the completion of Runner’s World Beginner Running program, I had to find something to push my running to the next level.  I searched Runner’s World’s website again for something to meet those requirements.  Half Marathon for beginners?  That sounds like it’s for me!  Here’s a breakdown of my first week…

Sunday – 35 min run 40 min run (moderate pace) = 649 cal burn

Monday – Rest or Cross Train = Rest

Tuesday – 30 min run (easy) Spin Class = 656 cal burn

Wednesday – Rest or Cross Train 30 min run (easy) = 558 cal burn

Thursday – Rest = Rest

Friday – 6 mile run (conversational speed) = skipped (had to put my cat to sleep)

Saturday – Rest = Rest

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2 Responses to Running – Week 1 of Half Marathon plan

  1. irun4boston says:

    Hello. Fellow runner here. Training for a half marathon as well. I’m creating a new site and new to blogging. Feel free to join my site and share your stories

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