P90X, Week 1, Phase I, Round 2!

P90XLogoAs I stated in my previous post about completing the first 90 days of P90X, I had immediately started the next round.  This week, I worked harder on the workouts, but didn’t place so much emphasis on some of them at the same time.  As you read through the blog, you also know I’m doing a half-marathon running program, as well as playing on a softball team.  I’m more concerned now, with not overtraining myself, so in most cases, some of the cardio based programs for the “X” may get missed.  This was the case this week.

Sunday – Chest & Back, ARX = 570 cal burn

Monday – Plyometrics = skipped

Tuesday – Shoulders & Arms, ARX = 476 cal burn

Wednesday – Yoga X = 427 cal burn

Thursday – Legs & Back, ARX = 598 cal burn

Friday – Kenpo X = skipped

Saturday – Rest Day

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