P90X, Week 5, Phase III – 90 Days Complete!!!

Tony Horton - X armsThis week was my final week of my first round through P90X!  I can tell you, that it’s the real deal.  Power 90 helped me drop the weight, P90X helped me become fit!

When I started my fitness journey, I was going to start with P90X first.  I decided I wasn’t ready.  Now when I look back, I know I made the right call.  P90X can be for everyone, once they’re body is ready.  I don’t suggest it for those that “wanna lose weight”.  This is for the people who are almost to their ideal weight, but want to push their bodies to be better!  It certainly has made mine much better.  I’m better at everything I do now, carrying my clubs during 9 holes of golf, running for 8 miles, playing softball…  I have a leg up on the people who haven’t been through this program, and it makes me feel great.

I’ve decided from the very beginning, one round was not it.  I feel the “X” still has a lot of benefit beyond one (or two, or three, or 8) round (s).  So I will be immediately starting Round 2 and pushing through to the end of November.  Then I will decide if I wanna try one of Beachbody’s new programs, Insanity, or RevAbs.  You can be sure I’ll be posting it here.  Anyway, here’s my final week’s stats of Round 1

Sunday – Yoga X = skipped

Monday – Core Synergistics = skipped

Tuesday – Kenpo X = 449 cal burn

Wednesday – X Stretch Yoga X = 450 cal burn

Thursday – Core Synergistics = 456 cal burn

Friday – Yoga X = skipped

Saturday – Rest Day

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