Running – Week 4 of Half-Marathon Running Program

runnersLike week 3, my Friday “Long Run” was longer than I had ever ran before, but I was excited for it all week long.  Couldn’t wait for it to get here.  Which is weird to me for some reason…  Sunday’s “Moderate” run wasn’t very good.  I never feel good on those workouts (maybe I’m not supposed to).  The other “Easy” runs are all the same.  Friday’s run made me feel good about myself.  Not because I’m breaking any speed records (because I’m not), but because I’m showing myself I have the strength to do it.

Sunday – 40 min run (moderate) = 656 cal burn

Monday – rest or cross train/Spin Class = 679 cal burn

Tuesday – 45 min run (easy) = 613 cal burn

Wednesday – rest or cross train 30 min run (easy) = 430 cal burn

Thursday – 30 min run (easy) = rest

Friday – 8mile run (conversational pace) = 1056 cal burn

Saturday – Rest

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