Nike+iPod – My first run

nike_ipod_size_10I finally got all of the pieces to try out the Nike+iPod system.  I signed up on the Nike Running website to set up my account.  I inserted the Nike+iPod kit into my left shoe, and into the iPod nano.  When I put the shoe on I couldn’t even tell it was in there.  For my first run, I chose the timed session, and chose 50 minutes.  I didn’t know what to expect, and didn’t calibrate it.  I started my run, and after 5 minutes passed, it advised me of such.  I counted up until minute 25, and stated my run was halfway through.  From then on, it counted down every 5 minutes.  Once it got to 5 minutes, it counted down every minute until the end.  The mileage was pretty close!  It was barely under, but I’d rather it be under than over.

When I came back and uploaded into iTunes, it prompted me to go to Nike’s website.  I logged in, and there was my run.  It was broken down into each mile and how fast I ran each.  A nice little graph dipped and raised showing when I was going fast and at which times I slowed down.  I’m impressed so far.  I’ll post updates when I do each type of workout and give my final opinion on the product then.


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2 Responses to Nike+iPod – My first run

  1. LizzB says:

    Well isn’t that nifty. Almost makes me want to run. Almost. 😉

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