Nike+iPod – Part II

nike-apple-ipod-logoSo I did my second run with my new “kit”.  This time it was a long run (9 miles) and also on a treadmill.  My first was outside and only for 50 minutes.  This time I chose the distance setting, and just like the time setting, it spoke to me after each mile until the halfway point, then counted down from there.  With it underestimating, it obviously made a bigger difference since I went for a longer distance.  Again, I had not calibrated it yet, and I don’t think I will.  I like the current settings.

One thing I didn’t mention or even think to check, was the caloric burn that it shows.  Now when I run, I wear my Polar F11 heart rate monitor, and that’s where I’ve been getting my burn totals, as well as keeping track of my heart rate (duh!).  On Wednesday’s run, the Nike+iPod kit said I burned 673 calories.  My F11 said 779.  This is pretty close, especially since the F11 is on and tracking during my warm up and cool downs, and the Nike+iPod only during the run.  On Friday, the “kit” showed 1135 calories burned, while the F11 showed 1133 calories.  This went the other way, because the F11 was still on during the warm up and cool down but had a lower burn.  You can assume that the count for the Nike system does a close count, so if you don’t have another way, you sure could get a close estimate.

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