Free 20 Minute Yoga routine for your core

YogaJournal I’ll be honest, I don’t usually purchase Yoga Journal, but I was in the grocery looking for a new mag to take home.  I had already purchased the new Runner’s World, Triathlete, Men’s Health, and Bicycling, so I thought, “What the hell”.

Yoga Journal doesn’t really cater to men, as I found out while looking through this magazine.  It did have good info and stories, but again, a huge lack of “guy stuff”.  I understand that a LOT of men don’t do yoga, but maybe put a guy on the cover once in a while.  Try to make the change in the practice instead of playing to the women all the time…  I digress…

This month’s magazine has a nice 20 minutes video you can download or stream.  This routine is for your core.  Just wanted to share it all with you!  Enjoy!

Yoga Journal’s 20 minute core routine

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