Fitbit – Now Shipping


I had never heard of this product until Monday.  I was listening to my favorite weekly podcast, TWiT, when they asked Kevin Rose about it.  When they started talking about it, I was wondering what the big deal was, because it sounded like a new fandangled pedometer.  So I went to check out the site, and was pleasantly surprised.

On their site,, they keep touting their “3D motion sensor like in the Nintendo Wii”.  This thing tracks your movement, calorie burn, and sleep patterns!  YES, sleep patterns!  That’s what caught my eye too.  How many devices out there track how many times you wake up during the night?  How many track how long you were in bed versus how long you were actually asleep?  What’s also nice about the device is that it automatically syncs to your PC when you are near the base station (sweet!).

The price for this bad boy is only $99.  That’s definitely not bad.  I’m going to try and pick one up before the end of the year.  You’ll know when I do 🙂

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One Response to Fitbit – Now Shipping

  1. I heard about this on twitter a few weeks ago. I’ve had my eyes on a BodyBugg too. But dude. They are pricey as hell.

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