Signed up for my first 5K

highlandcupI had been looking at some shorter races to get me in a race atmosphere before my half-marathon.  I wanted to do a couple.  One was the Pioneer Run which was a couple of weeks ago, and the other is the Highland Cup.  I didn’t have the money for both, so I chose the one that had a pancake breakfast after it, hehe!

This will be my first race in my adult life.  I’m not trying to break any records, or anything.  I’ll actually be running 8 miles the day before, so I’m not really shooting for anything great.  Just wanted to get a “first race” in before the big day.

This one should be fun.  I have a couple of coworkers who are going to run it with me.  I’m also trying to rally up some troops to hit up the pancake breakfast after, even if they won’t run the race with us.

As with all races, some of the entry fees go towards some cause.  Here’s a blurb from the site…

“Run fast on a competitive course or walk slow through scenic, historic neighborhoods – your choice. Either way you can be a hero and help others in the neighborhood who deliver the meals on wheels, provide daycare for the young and elderly, help for the needy and sponsor recreational activities for our youth. These are the ecumenical services of Highlands Community Ministries, serving the Highlands and 25 member churches of all faiths.”

Good enough for me…  I’ll check in this weekend, and tell you how it went (as well as how good the pancakes were!).

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