My first race

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I Don’t know if I had mentioned that fact previously.  Now, let me clarify.  This was my first race as an adult.  I had been in races when I was a LOT younger (under 15 y.o.), so I don’t count those.  I’m a different person.

The Highland Cup 5K was a lonely race.  I had no one there to cheer for me, or run with.  Before the race, and after, I felt awkward and out of place.  I did my warm up alone.  I did my cool down alone.  I didn’t speak with anyone (until the awards ceremony)…  But, looking back, I think I preferred.  I had no obligations.  I didn’t have to worry about anyone else.  It was only me.  It was my race.

So how did I do?  Well, not as good as I had hoped.  Really, I didn’t know what to expect.  I was shooting for 25 minutes.  But how do I know what I can do?  I didn’t even know what the course looked like until 15 minutes before the start…  Let me just start from the beginning, because, that’s always a good place to start…

So I position myself toward the middle/back portion of the crowd (later learned was about 500 runners), because that’s what all the magazines have told me for beginner runners.  So the gun goes off (unexpectedly to most of the people around me).  I start my heart rate monitor, and my Nike+iPod program on my Nano, and we’re off.  I start off slow, because that was my game plan (and the people in front of me kept me from going faster).  I had to keep that pace for a little bit until some openings enabled me to pass.  Once they did, I weaved in and out of the field, trying to find people who I feel are about my speed to run with (this never happened).  I slowly kept passing people for about the first half mile, then the hill came.  Not that kind of hill.  This was downhill (which meant coming back would be uphill).  This forced me to go faster than I had planned, but I still felt good.  Still kept passing folks.  Oh Wait.  First mile already?  Yes.  I peeped my watch… under 8 minutes.  “Uh oh” I thought.  “That was too fast.”  Immediately after the mile marker, the course evened out.  I still felt good.  As the first hill (uphill) approached, my Nike+iPod rang out “10 minutes completed”.  I didn’t know how I’d do on the hills because I haven’t even trained hills yet.  I pushed.  I didn’t slow down, and I ate people on the hills.  It seemed like between mile 1 and 2 were up and down.  I ran them hard.  I saw 25 minutes as a strong possibility for me.  Mile 2, just over 16 minutes (didn’t really see because I was starting to hurt).  I know I only have a little longer to go.  BIG HiLL time.  This one I didn’t slow down either.  By the time I got to the top, I had nothing left.  I pushed on the flat street.  I loved the parents and kids that had come out of their houses to cheer.  I couldn’t perform for them unfortunately.  I kept a solid 10 min pace though.  The last street to the finish.  I got passed.  4 times, I got passed.  I had been doing the passing all morning.  4 people passed me.  That number I knew was going to make me feel good about myself.  I can see the clock/finish getting closer.  I calculated in my head.  25 wasn’t a possibility now.  Just finish strong…  I finished so strong, that I forgot to look at my time.  I stopped my watch after the chute.  26:18 *Official results – 83rd overall. 25:57.61 (8:21.4 min mile).  I’m happy with that…

After, they had water, apples, and oranges.  I did partake.  Now, I need to cool down so I could enjoy the pancake breakfast.  I had to eat alone.  And it was a wonderful meal.


**Update…  Results are posted.

Overall Results

Age Group Results

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