Purchased a SPIBelt

With the Bourbon Chase coming up this weekend, I wanted to get something that would allow me to carry my phone with me during my runs.  I had read at Chic Runner’s blog that she had really liked the iFitness Belt.  Her review is here.  Well, I went to a local running store to try and find one (to no avail).  They did have the SPIBelt though.  It was comparable in style and price so I went for it.

SPIBeltAfter the race this weekend, I’ll let you know how I feel about it.  Should do fine.

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3 Responses to Purchased a SPIBelt

  1. Lizz says:

    Admit it. It’s just a fancy fanny pack. 😉 Good luck on your run!

  2. DJ JustJohn says:

    Hehe, you might be right about the fanny pack, but I needed one : )

  3. Kitesurf Gal says:

    Awesome site. This will help lots of folks learn the sport. Videos also help. Your description was spot on and cheers to you; I will not need to describe every little thing to my buddies. I can simply point them here!

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