I’m going to have a busy Spring!!!


I’ve chosen my first few races for the coming year.  I had a couple that I knew I wanted to run, but hadn’t decided exactly what my plan was.  So, now that I do know, I wanted to get it posted.  I know that posting it here, makes it real somehow.  These races only get me through May 2010, so once I find more races that I want for later, I will post those at that time.  This list, also includes my first triathlon!  Yeah, scary, I know.  Without further ado…

These first three races are part of the “Triple Crown of Running” (Anthem, Rodes, & Papa John’s).  The entry fee for all three is $60.

March 6, 2010   Anthem 5K Fitness Classic

March 20, 2010   Rodes City Run 10K

April 3, 2010   Papa John’s 10 Miler

April 24, 2010   Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon – entry fee = $50

May 2, 2010   Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon (Relay) (Ohio) – entry fee = $60

May 8, 2010   OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon (Indiana) – entry fee = paid

May 22, 2010   Terre Haute Triathlon (Indiana) – entry fee = $50

Well, I posted the entry fees for each, to see if any of my generous friends would like to help out this aspiring endurance athlete pay for the entry fees.  If you do, please let me know, and I’ll help you, help me 🙂

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