My eating habits have gone to…

Crap?  Not totally, but I’m not being as disciplined as I used to be.  I need to reel things in, especially since the holidays are here.  It’s harder to be good, and I can’t waste all the hard work I’ve done this year on just being lazy.

I also know why this happened.  A couple of months ago, my George Foreman grill stopped working.  I started going to frozen dinners, or making sandwiches.  The food isn’t good enough fuel for me, so I ate more.  And by more, it meant anything.  Snacks especially.  I don’t know what it was/is about the GF that makes me make dinner.  It just does.  So, duh, I went and got another one yesterday.

Now, I promised myself to be more focused.  I need to be fueling my body appropriately so I can perform at a higher level!  And there’s some vanity in here too.  I really want to have my sixpack back!  Once I do, I’ll post a picture (by saying it here, now makes me HAVE to do it).

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