Tabata Treadmill Workout

I was surfing through the videos on the Crossfit website, and came across the running videos.  They had this video call “Tabata Treadmill Run, CrossFit Newport Beach…”, so I clicked on it to find out what the workout consisted of.  Well it had the treadmill on an incline, and two guys running for 20 seconds, then would hop on the sides and rest for 10 seconds.  They repeated this 8 times.  The guys looked beat! (Watch the video)

Well, I wanted to do it to see if it really was that good of a workout.  I mean, it was only 4 minutes!  I decided to try it today at the gym.  Since I had all day before I would get to experience this monster, I wanted to find out more about this “tabata” stuff.  It turns out that Dr. Izumi Tabata came up with this and found that “just four minutes of Tabata interval training could do more to boost aerobic and anaerobic capacity than an hour of endurance exercise”

Well, I was a little skeptical actually.  Especially with the video above.  I thought I would have to push the pace a lot higher to do any good.  I didn’t!  I put the incline setting to 15 and MPH at 6.7 (9 min mile pace), and went to work.  After the 3rd interval, I knew I was in trouble.  The seventh and eighth, I didn’t know if I’d finish.  It took 10 minutes for me to come back down from that workout.  I’m in LOVE!

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2 Responses to Tabata Treadmill Workout

  1. Keisha says:

    Dork, I will try this tomorrow….

  2. Gene Archer says:

    Yes, I am 57 years old and a former marathon just doing some serious high intensity interval training to keep in the best shape possible. I have been doing Tabata now for about 4 to 5 months. I use the 12 to 15 degrees incline and at about 6.5 speed increasing it to 8.5 to 9 in the last set (# 8). After that I recover for a minute and do a couple of 1 minute high intensity intervals at 9 or so with a 5 degrees incline. Then I warm down. After that I go right to the elliptical and do 10 minutes with another serious session of Tabata (with the tension at 17 to 18 our of the max of 20). I do this routine minimum 3 times per week. The in-between days I do Tabata strength with push-ups, chin-ups and squats. I have the highest cardio fitness at my age and well cut muscular density. I am positively addicted to Tabata.

    Gene Archer

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