Joined the YMCA

Ok, everyone knows what the YMCA is.  I’m not sure everyone knows that it’s too expensive.  I have to pay $52 a month.  That’s a lot to me.  I HAVE to do it though.  There aren’t many gyms here that offer a swimming pool.  If I’m going to be a triathlete, I have to start swimming, and get good during the offseason.

Now, I do get to go to any location in Louisville with that fee, so that’s nice.  I no longer have to pay $2o (!!!) a visit just to attend my friend Paul’s spin class.

I hear the location I joined actually has an indoor track too (I was too busy to take a tour on Friday because I was heading out of town).  That would break the monotony of the dreadmill!

I’ll let you know how the membership works out for me.

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One Response to Joined the YMCA

  1. Tiff Nash says:

    Do you have a LA Fitness or Lifestyle Fitness in you area? Most of their gyms offer pools, classes, tracks, etc… for an average of $34 per month (or less), and you can negotiate the enrollment fees. The YMCA’s fees seem a little steep.

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