“Food calorie counts are Frequently off”

That’s the title of an article I just read on Yahoo News.  It’s call Dieters “Beware: Food Calories are Frequently Off”.  You should definitely go read it, but here is the jist of the findings…

…foods may contain an average of 8% more calories than their package labels own up to and restaurant meals may contain a whopping 18% more.”

Now, I think this should be an eye opener to the calorie counters (I included).  This is why we need to not eat as many processed foods.  Eat more raw foods.  Eggs, Vegetables, Fruits, etc.  I hate diets, and directions, but I believe it was the Paleo plan that says, stick to the perimeter of the grocery store.  Everything in the isles, avoid.  Now, realistically, we can’t do that.  But, the majority of your food should come from the perimeter.  My store starts with Produce, then Meat, then Dairy.  So, it sounds about right.  I still need bread, pasta, and nuts.

What do you think?

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