P90X Results & Recovery formula – Day 1

I usually use Low Fat Organic Chocolate Milk with Glutamine as a “recovery drink” after a hard workout.  Well, After a year of listening to Tony Horton, and now Shaun T talk about the Results and Recovery drink, I decided to try it to see if, 1.  I like it, and 2. it works noticeably better than my current drink.

I tried it this morning, and I have to say, taste wise, it’s decent.  The orange flavor is nice, and helps quench the thirst you have after a hard workout.  BUT, obviously, it will be hard to top the taste of chocolate milk!

I’ll keep you in the loop after a few days of using this, to let you know if you should be using it too!

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One Response to P90X Results & Recovery formula – Day 1

  1. Ian and I used some sort of recovery drink like this. 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein. It tasted nasty as hell….then again, I think all sports drinks taste like fruity sweat. But d00d, when you’ve worked your ass off and are drenched in sweat, you’ll happily drink just about anything cool and wet.

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