Louisville’s Triple Crown of Running – Enrolled today

I finally enrolled in this thing this morning.  The Triple Crown of Running is a three race program of different lengths.

The Anthem 5K Fitness Classic is the first race of the Triple Crown.  This one is on March 6, 2010.  It’s an 8AM start time (as it seems they all are).  Here is the course.

From their website “Net proceeds from the race will be donated to the WHAS Crusade for Children.”  This is a local charity to help children with special needs.  Here is their website if you’re interested in the cause.

The Rodes City Run 10K Run is two weeks after the Anthem 5K.  The date and time for this is March 20, 2010 also with an 8AM start.  The course map is here.

I have yet to run a 10K, so it’ll be nice to get a time to tell for future events.

This is also a race to support the Crusade for Children.

The Papa John’s 10 Miler is the final race in the Triple Crown.  Date and time for this race is April 3, 2010 at 8:05AM (8AM is the wheelchair start).  The course map is here.

This is the 10th running of the race, and this should prepare me for the Indy 500 miniMarathon on May 8th, or at least give me an idea on how I’ll do.

I will post goals prior to each race, as well as race performance after so keep checking back.

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