Busy day!

Got up early this morn, to get down for the 8AM start for the first leg of the Triple Crown, The Anthem 5K.  First, a few of the Landsharks Multisport peeps met by the flamingo to get a pre-race picture (will post later).

Well, my goal was to beat 25 minutes.  I didn’t do it, but not from a lack of trying.  First mile was 7:50, but I got hung up in traffic during the second mile, so had to really push on the last one.  Still couldn’t pull it out.  Official race time, 25:08 (my GPS said 25:10 so I was pretty close with my start/stop skills).  Here is the link to the results.  I averaged 8:05 minute miles.

Then at 1:00 was a swim clinic for Landsharks members put on by Train Smart Multisport at St. Xavier High School.  This was a two hour clinic working on our stroke.  This really was an eye opener for me to get in the pool more.  I’m a swimmer damnit, but you definitely wouldn’t have known it today.

I did get some good drills out of today, and will be using them in my workouts.  I also liked the “class” setting, where everyone was doing the same thing.  I think I do better in those environments, so I don’t veer off course.

Now I’m beat.  So I need to go to bed.  Peace!

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