Rodes City 10K completed this morning

Got up bright (well it wasn’t bright) and early to head downtown for the Rodes City 10K, the second leg of the Triple Crown of Running!  It wasn’t as cold as two weeks ago, but just a tad cooler at the start than what I would have liked.  My goal was to finish in 50 minutes, and like 2 weeks ago at the Anthem 5K, I missed that goal.

Official time was 51:13, which equates to a 8:14 per mile pace.  Pretty slow compared to what I think I can do.  I did notice my Garmin and the mile markers were off.  My mileage that I uploaded to the Training Center showed 6.3 miles instead of 6.2.  Not a big deal, because my pace was still a little slow.

This was the first 10K I have ran, so it’s nice to get a time for it.  It’s also worth noting, that this is only my 4th race ever.  I need to stop being so hard on myself.  I’ll get better.

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