Papa John’s 10 Miler – Results

This morning was the last leg of the Louisville Triple Crown of Running, the Papa John’s 10 Miler.

I hadn’t ran this far in any run of mine since last October, so I didn’t know how well I would fare.  My goal was to run in the 1:30 range, preferably lower, but I wouldn’t be disappointed with a slower time.

I met some of the fellow Landsharks at the Kroger on 3rd and Central before the race.  We then headed to the HUGE crowd.  I figured with the longer distance, that people would stay home.  It was hot early.  By mile 2, I was sweating pretty well.  The hills were brutal on this one!  I didn’t realize this going into the race.  I ran decent, and my IT band didn’t bother me too much until at mile 7.  I took a few minutes of walking right after passing the 7 mile marker to try and recover.  Then picked it back up.  It was really neat to finish inside of Papa John’s Stadium (where the University of Louisville Football team plays).

After the race, I picked up a bunch of food.  It was pretty cool.  Got water, Powerade, Panera roll, banana, apple, and a slice of Papa John’s pizza.  Then on the way out to the car, they were giving everyone whole pizzas!!!  So I got one of those too!  I burned over 1400 calories, and after I finish off the pizza, I’m sure I ate them all back!

My official time for the race was 1:30:17.  That’s a pace of 9:02.  Definitely not my best (slower than my half-marathon time last October), but I haven’t been training for these longer distances.

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