Michael Phelps, I am not…

I’ve put my race plans on hold (triathlon races at least).  I’ve come to realize, that I am no longer a swimmer.  Well, at least a very good one.  When I get in the pool, I feel so good gliding/stroking/kicking, even breathing every three strokes, but once I make the turn to go 50, something happens.  All of a sudden, my breathing isn’t as rhythmic, my arms are getting tired, and I lost all faith in my triathlon dreams…

So, I figured I need more pool time.  Start with smaller goals/smaller expectations.  Last week, I decided to do just that, and I think, at least, my self worth is starting to pick back up.  I swam 6 days (only missed one, due to staying up late working on taxes).  I started this week, by hitting the pool twice, once in the morning, and then again this evening.  I’m upping the yardage by 100 every 3 days of swimming too.  I believe this will be a feasible plan, until I can regularly bust out 100s with ease.  Then I will start doing the 0 to 1650 (one mile) plan.

I had 3 possible races planned for May, and I booted those.  There is a Sprint in Indy in June I may shoot for, but I make no guarantees.  I want to make sure I am ready before I give a bad show, and ruin my first tri experience.  I’ll keep you in the loop.

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2 Responses to Michael Phelps, I am not…

  1. Adam says:

    The plan totally works. I didn’t always make it in 3 times per week, but I’d just stretch the plan out more. Just keep plugging away at it.

  2. DJ JustJohn says:

    Thanks Adam. Yeah, just gotta keep working. The fitness won’t show without putting the work in.

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