Started “0 to 1 Mile in 6 weeks” today

I posted that I had a “breakthrough” on my last week’s totals post, and that happened yesterday (Sat 4/24/2010).  I had only done one “100” in any of my previous workouts, but decided I was gonna do more.  I ended up doing 7!  Since that happened, I decided I was definitely ready to start the 0 to 1 mile program.   I actually got this from Adam’s blog, and thought it was the ideal training to get me up to speed (after I got myself up to speed to do the program).  They also have a Facebook group you can join.

So today was the start of “Week 1”!  This workout consisted of:

4×100 – 12 breath rest

4×50 – 8 breath rest

4×25 – 4 breath rest

Now the distances aren’t bad, it’s the “rest” you get that is difficult.

The program calls for doing the “workout” 3 times a week.  I will be swimming 5 to 6 times a week, so hopefully, my fitness will get me to the mile mark more quickly (or easily).  I’ll keep you abreast(stroke).

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