First time swimming 1 mile without stopping!

I had just been complaining about my endurance while swimming.  I had been struggling on the 0 to 1 mile program, and had been stuck on week 3 for 3 weeks (which I kept making excuses as to why, sick, tired, etc).  After the softball game today, I wanted to go try Week 3 again at the YMCA.  When I got in the pool, I felt good.  I started swimming, and felt good on the first 100.  Started the second 100, and felt ok.  The next 100 was HARD.  My arms were tired, but my breathing was good.  I told myself, I was going to do the Week 3 program today (which is 1×400, 1×200, 4×100, 4×50).  As I started the last 100, I started feeling good in my arms again.  Well, instead of stopping at 400 yards, I decided to see just how far I could.  I kept going, and going.  My first goal was 600, then 800, then 1000.  Once I passed 1000, I told myself I wasn’t stopping until I got to at least 1650 (1 mile).

When I got to the wall at 1650, I felt good.  My arms weren’t tired.  I wasn’t out of breath.  It was a great feeling.  Now I know what it takes.

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