Swim Bike Run totals (6/6 – 6/12)

Swim – 4300 yards

Bike – 11.78 miles

Run – 9.5 miles

This week was pretty amazing swimming wise.  I swam my first mile to start the week off on Sunday.  Then, to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I did it again on Wednesday.  This really builds my confidence going into my first triathlon (later on that).  My bike wasn’t there this week.  I had planned on riding 3 times, but only got out once.  That 1 ride was a good one though.  I met a friend on Monday morning and rode at 6AM.  It was still kinda cool out, so this heat didn’t get us.  I plan on repeating that this week on Monday and Wednesday.  My running wasn’t great this week.  It was ok.  I had planned on running 5 miles after work on Monday, but intestinal issues caused me to stop at 3 and 1/2 miles.  Tuesday was too hot.  Just couldn’t put it together the rest of the week.  Ran again on Saturday, and put together a 6 miler.  Until next week…

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