Just signed up – Indy Sprint Series, Race #1

I finally decided to do my first triathlon.  I had been debating on when (sometimes “if”) I should do one.  I wanted to be prepared, maybe overprepared.  Well, I decided to do it.  I had looked at the beginning of the year for races I potentially wanted to try.  It was a long list, and since then, those races had passed or I erased from my list.  I was going to wait for the Landsharks club race, The Muncie Endurathon, but decided I wanted to be more seasoned in front of my fellow club members.  So this is why I decided to do this race.

This first race in the series is a 500m swim, 10 mile bike, and 3 mile run.  It’s located in Eagle Creek on the West side of Indianapolis.  This race is put on by the Tuxedo Brothers, which is a well respected group out of Indianapolis.  Here is the Entry Page for the event for your review.

I believe one other Landsharks member will be competing as well, so I will have a friendly face there.  I was gonna keep this race quiet, but changed my mind.  This blog is to document my travels, training, workouts, etc.  To not post about something I’ve put a lot of time and training in, would be stupid.  I will post my results, no matter how good or bad, because the results don’t matter.  It’s the journey, right?

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One Response to Just signed up – Indy Sprint Series, Race #1

  1. Adam says:

    It totally matters. STRIKE FIRST. STRIKE HARD. NO MERCY! Sweep the leg Johnny! Put that tri in a body bag. 😉

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