I got so excited when I saw this email 4 days ago, then started reading.  Then I wasn’t excited, but then I was again.  Here’s the email…

Dear John,

The “One on One with Tony Horton” series is being renamed “P90X One on One” because the entire concept has been upgraded. Subscribers, read on:

You may have heard rumors about “P90neXt,” a whole new series of 12 P90X® DVDs created to keep the Muscle Confusion going after you master the original P90X. The rumors are true. Tony is developing the programs with new experts, new moves, and a new level of results. One on One subscribers get the exclusive look behind the scenes as Tony puts it together and tries each routine out on YOU FIRST. When it’s all done, it will be called P90X:MC2, but for now, it’s between you and Tony to work out the kinks, “One on One” style.

P90X:MC2 is short for “P90X:Muscle Confusion 2.” Starting with this month’s Chest, Back & Balls workout, Tony completely changes up the old Chest & Back routine. You’ll be the first person ever to see how Tony puts the routines together. Once all 12 months have been finalized, we then go into casting and production of the final P90X:MC2 series to be released in late 2011. And for supporting the development process as a One on One subscriber, you’ll get the all-new P90X:MC2 product for 50% OFF when it first comes out!

Tony’s gonna Bring It!®, and we’re all excited that you’ll be part of the team, as we develop this breakthrough expansion of the P90X product line!

So there it is.  P90X:MC2 in 2011!  Keep checking back for when it’s released.  And, like it says, get the One on One series from me and get 50% off when P90X:MC2 is released!

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3 Responses to P90X:MC2

  1. Lizz says:

    Chest, back and…….balls?

  2. Adam says:

    “Tony completely changes up the old Chest & Back routine.” The change up is he goes straight for the balls once you’re confused.

  3. Simple really…what can be more muscle confusing that a shot to the hacky sack during a workout?

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