Bryen’s Boot Camp Grand Opening!

A friend of mine, is starting his Boot Camp starting this Saturday (July 17).  He’s got a great spot too!  Here are the details, and if you want to get a good workout, hit this dude up!

This will be the Grand Opening of BryensBootCamp located on the rooftop of the historic Glassworks Building.

This will be very intense…and hard….but I will make sure to accomodate all fitness levels.




-20.00/first session
-60.00/first month

Prices for BryensBootCamp will never be this low again. These are promotional prices for the 7/17 grand opening date ONLY. The persons who attend this grand opening will also be eligible for a discount for future sessions. If you do not attend the grand opening, unfortunately will not be eligible for the discount.

Because of this discount, I am extending this only to the first 35 people that signup by facebook/email/website. I will also be donating 10% of the proceeds to childhood obesity.

You can Register on my website, ( ) or by a response to my invite. I have attached a paypal account on my site with the 20.00 and 60.00 options. You will also see a “donate 1.00” option on the website. If persons want to support Childhood Obesity but do not want to participate in the bootcamp you can do so if you wish. Its a great cause!!

I will accept cash at the door, but I would like for everyone to let me know if they are going to attend so that I can make a list of exercises that are challenging enough for the group. Please respond via invite and let me know if you are interested so I can book you because this will be first come/first serve. The picture for the invite is the rooftop view of BryensBootCamp.

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