What are you doing on Labor Day?

This is the last year that this is gonna happen under our current Mayor (maybe last if the new mayor doesn’t do it).  This is a fun time for everyone, and a great way for the city to try and get our lazy, obese selves out of the house and moving!

Here’s a link the event details, and details from the webpage (if you’re too lazy to click the link).


Labor Day
Monday, September 6, 2010

9 a.m.- Noon
9 a.m. – Booths open
10 a.m. – Bike ride starts
10:20 – Walk starts

  • Bring the family for this free hike and bike ride through the streets of Louisville to Shawnee Park.
  • Hey Kids, want to ride with more confidence?  Join the bike rodeo held before the ride! It teaches you safe riding techniques. It’s held near the Flock of Finns sculptures. Sponsored by Norton Healthcare.
  • T-shirt and bike helmet giveaways.
  • Healthy Hometown booths and food vendors.
  • Please call (502) 456-8110 or contact us with any questions regarding the Mayor’s Hike and Bikes or call (502) 368-6856 for information regarding the Mayor’s Hometown Fall Hike.
  • Ride your bike to the Hike & Bike!  Use our online bike routing tool.
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