My Christmas Wishlist

It’s that time of year!  Family and friends keep asking me what I want for Christmas.  I don’t need anything, so it’s hard to come up with something on the fly.  I do always have an active Amazon Wish List, but it’s more of a “Save” list for me to go back and get myself later.

As I think about the things I want, most of them are fitness related.  I thought since that was the case, I’d go ahead and post my “wishes” here so that all of my readers can buy me something 😛  You don’t have to get me anything at all.  I’m content just getting a Christmas card or a Christmas day text showing me that you’re thinking of me.  But if you must get me something, peruse this quick list I put together.

Cap Barbell Medicine Ball set with Rack – The title says it all.  I currently have zero medicine balls.  This would cover the whole gamut of my needs (and hopefully future needs) with regard to my fitness or when I start personal training. $185ish on Amazon 🙂

Bosu Balance Trainer – This is a fun fitness tool.  I’m surprised I don’t already own one actually.  I’ve used this at the YMCA and The Training Studio, and just love the extra effort needed when combining with old workouts (ie. pushups, squats, ab work…).  $100ish on Amazon.

Park Tool Home Starter Kit – This is for my bike.  I need to learn to start doing my own repairs on my own (it’ll save me a ton).  Everything is special on a bike though, and you have to have the right tools.  This kit should get me started. $70ish on Amazon.

Park Tool Chain Cleaning System – More stuff for my bike.  This is something I really need, as my chain is currently looking rugged.  And I needed to add something that was in the lower price range for you cheapskates out there (just kidding, sort of).  $30ish on Amazon.

Cyclops Magnetic Indoor Bicycle Trainer – Geesh, it seems my bike needs more gifts than I do.  This isn’t so high, cause I currently have a wind trainer, it’s just so darn loud!  I’d really like to upgrade and get something that I can hear the TV while riding.  $180ish on Amazon.

Kettlebells – Any sizes above 10lbs will do.  These can be found at any fitness related store (I think even Walmart has them).

“BRING IT!: The Revolutionary Fitness Plan for All Levels That Burns Fat, Builds Muscle, and Shreds Inches” by Tony Horton – Tony Horton’s book (the creator of Power 90, and P90X).  This isn’t released until the 21st, so this is for all you last minute shoppers.  $16ish on Amazon.

TRX Workout DVDs – You can order these by clicking on the TRX banner on the right of this page.  I currently don’t own any of the workouts, so any would be a fine purchase.  Various cost on those.

But, my favorite gift, would be for you to get fit with me.  I wouldn’t mind getting anything if you just bought yourself a workout routine from me at or clicked on the P90X banner or TRX banner on the right of this page and order.  What better gift could anyone want more than having their friends and relatives fit and healthy?

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