To do, or not to do Ironman in 2011

When I started triathlon last year, I had a goal.  I was to start with sprint and olympic distances in 2010.  2011 I’d do more sprint and olympic, but also make the leap to the 70.3/Half Ironman distance.  Then 2012 would be the year I’d move to the 120.6/Ironman distance.  That was the plan.

Last year’s Ironman, I went to watch my fellow Landsharks and friends participate in the 2010 Ironman Louisville.  Being at the finish line, and seeing everyone cross the line, with the MC announcing their names and claiming “YOU, ARE AN IRONMAN”, was something I instantly knew I wanted, and wanted right then.

Winter happened.  I’ve been training.  Things change.

The available entries for Ironman Louisville 2010 by the day.  I have to decide.  Do I sign up, or do I wait for the original plan?

Why am I all of the sudden having second thoughts on doing the Ironman?  Well, it’s crazy expensive.  It’s $575 for the entry alone.  All the nutrition for the race.  I need a new bike (even though everyone says just do it on my current one – more on that later).  I have no clear training plan (I can’t afford a coach).

Yes, I do believe I can do the Ironman this year.  I think I can do it on my current bike.  I think I can figure out the nutrition on my own.  I think I can figure out what my proper fitness should be going into this race.  But, it all comes down to the money.  I just don’t have it.

So there you have it.  I have decided on the “Not to do” part of the title of this post.  2012 was my original goal, and is now my goal again.

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