Trigger Point Therapy Seminar Today

Today I’m heading to The Training Studio for their March Multisport Education Series.  This month is all about Trigger Point Therapy, and they have representatives from TPT coming to give a seminar/demonstration on how to use their products to recover properly.

I’m pretty stoked to check it out, and will probably at least come home with a grid roller of theirs.  I will post in the comments on my thoughts.

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One Response to Trigger Point Therapy Seminar Today

  1. Coach Foland says:

    Wow, pretty interesting class. Dale & Stacey at The Training Studio put it together nicely. They had a lot of the TP grids and kits, and gave great visual instruction.

    The Foot Baller with the Block on the soleus region, and using the massage ball on the pectorals really felt great (as in hurt). The other four areas we discussed/demo’d were all eye openers as to how my body could get attention that I never give it. I’m looking forward to how my body will improve, as I add this form of self massage (abuse?) into my daily routine.

    So to be clear, I was a sucker and bought the Grid Roller and the Performance Foot and Lower Leg Kit from Larry Holt (Ken Combs Running Store).

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