My Love of Trail Running and “Born To Run”

Last summer, I kept saying that I wanted to try and get out on the trail and experience running “off road”.  I kept saying it, but never did it.  I don’t know why.  Summer, came and went.  Fall, came and went.  Still hadn’t ventured off the road.

I finally saw a posting about a trail run on Knobstone Trail in southern Indiana.  I decided to go.  It was wonderful and painful, and I was hooked instantly.  I immediately started planning weekly runs on the trail every Sunday.  It was one of the most popular regular training get togethers that I have been involved with.  Even with the snow, and weather throughout the winter, we still showed and all ran.  We all loved it.  We plan on keeping it going through spring, or until the bugs get too bad to bear it.

A few weeks ago, I downloaded a book through Audible.  This book is a must read for all runners.  Chris McDougall wrote what probably needed to be written in the 80’s before shoes started getting too high tech.  Born to Run is a book about the an oft injured runner, who kept getting told to “give it up” by doctor after doctor.  He didn’t accept that.  Why would he?  It didn’t make sense.  Why do so many people run their whole lives, bit he can’t?  I’m not writing a review about the book, cause you need to read it yourself (chances are, you have already).  But, this book has opened me up even more about why I need to get out more in the “wild”.  It has also opened my eyes to how I run.  I think it will for you too.

Running for me had gotten too much like training.  The trail made me like running again.  So much so now, that I have neglected the other two (swimming & biking).  I want to run properly.  I want to try to run free – a la, minimalist.  My journey starts now.

If you are a trail runner, and or a minimalist runner, tell me what/how you got started.

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2 Responses to My Love of Trail Running and “Born To Run”

  1. RunningRedRocks says:

    Trail Running is addicting, no doubt! Glad to have you on the trails… it’s the best way to run… 🙂 Found your blog when checking wordpress.. “trail running”. I enjoy finding others who share the same enthusiasm. I read the book too.. about a year ago ~~ loved it!

  2. Coach Foland says:

    Glad you stopped by and commented. There are getting to be more and more people venturing out to the trails, and it’s great!

    See ya around! 🙂

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