Race Report: Rodes City 10K

This was a last minute entry.  I had missed the early registration for $25, so I was just going to skip it and run the Papa Johns 10 Miler.  Lipstick Runner decided she wanted to run it to get some exposure for her clothing line, so we ended up signing up on registration day.

Lipstick Runner had a goal time of 51:43, and wanted my to “pace” her thru it.  Secretly, I wanted to push her to 50 or better.

It was a beautiful day for a run.  It was slightly cool, and the sun was out for the whole run.  We pushed through strong through 5 miles, but the last one was definitely hard.  It took everything to hold an 8:30 pace.

We crossed under Lipstick Runner‘s goal though (LR = 50:59, Me = 50:53).  It was also a bit under my last year race time for the same race (51:13).  So good race overall.

If you raced, how did you do?  Please post in the comments.

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2 Responses to Race Report: Rodes City 10K

  1. Coach Foland says:

    Nice John. Dang, I should have said only times worse than mine to post 😛 Good time, really.

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