Race Report: Papa John’s 10 Miler

So this was the final leg of the Louisville Triple Crown of Running.  This time, Lipstick Runner and I decided to do this race in time to get the regular entry fee.  I actually left work Friday, and almost forgot about having to get the our registration packets.  I walked to Slugger Stadium, and realized that for the 10 Miler, they make you go to Cardinal Stadium to get the packets (what a pain…).

Race morning, Lipstick Runner and I actually made it to the meeting point for the Louisville Landsharks on time!  It was a little cool waiting out in Kroger parking lot for pictures before the race.

Lipstick Runner had a goal for the race around 1:27ish, and I wanted her goal to be 1:25, so obviously, we were shooting for my goal for her 🙂  We hit the first 2 mile markers under goal, but then the hills of park came.  We fell behind each mile, running between 8:40 and 8:50 pace on average.  That right there ruined our 1:25.  Once we got out of the park, it was smooth sailing (until the bridge).  I lost Lipstick Runner at about mile 9, but she wasn’t too far behind.

All in all, it was a nice run.  A lot of friends out there running, and it seemed there were a lot of great times.  Dale was there, and taking pictures for the Training Studio.  He got a couple of nice ones of myself and LR (hehe).  Here they are:

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