Softball Starts This Sunday!

This is now going into our third year of Softball.  A few of us from work had decided in fall 2009 to get a team together and play a little co-ed softball.  Well, we weren’t any good, but we still had a good time.  We then played again for spring league 2010.  We skipped the summer league due to the heat, but then picked it back up for fall.  We had a huge turnout for fall, that we had 2 teams.  I decided to coach the 2nd one, and we went to the championship game.  Well, now it’s time to start spring league.  We have grown even more, and are taking 3 full teams into the league.  I’m still the coach Sons of Pitches Team 2.  Here’s the schedule for Sunday’s matchups at Camp Taylor:

This year we are also going to keep full stats.  We’ve had to many arguments at work over who has the best bat, so now we’re going to prove it 🙂  I’ll start posting how I do, and the tops hitters.  I may even have to call out the loudmouths who talk junk about how good they are too!  Keep checking back, and I’ll try to post pictures and the like for everyone.

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