Race Report: Derby miniMarathon

This race was a last minute decision.  I had went to the Louisville Landsharks board meeting the Thursday before the race, and a fellow board member said he had a bib he couldn’t use cause he was heading out of town.  I said I’d run in his place.

I had been kind of already training for this race, even though it sold out before I was able to buy an entry.  Now, I had an entry, and didn’t even have to pay for it.  I also had no pressure to do well.  I just wanted to go enjoy the run, since I had never done this race before.  Not only that, it was a new course for the 2011 race.  Previously, it had gone through the same hilly park as the Papa Johns 10 Miler.  Now, it was a flat “easy” course.

I met up with the Landsharks group at the Slugger ball field for some pre-race pics.  Then we headed up to the starting line (B corral).  The weather was nice and cool to start.  Beautiful day to race.  We waited between 5-10 minutes to start.

When we finally heard the gun, we took off working our way through the crowd.  I started following Mike, letting him lead the way.  Around mile 1, he dropped me.  It was fine, I didn’t expect to run with him.  I just settled into my groove, and was just thankful to be out there getting some exercise.  I felt good early, and stayed strong.  We ran through downtown Louisville, but I didn’t really pay attention to where I was most of the time.  I was kinda just people watching, and enjoying my morning.

At about Mile 6, I still felt good with my pace.  I was holding on to 8:30 easily, my breathing was easy, and my legs felt good.  So I just kept going.  We made our way through Churchhill Downs, and headed back downtown.  Miles 7, 8, and 9, were fine, but I could tell I was starting to get fatigued.  I started taking in Poweraide at the aid stations (yuck) to try and keep my energy up.  Miles 10 and 11, I walked during the aid stations to make sure I got Poweraide and water at each.  My pace had slowed significantly, but only have a few blocks until we hit Main Street.  Once on Main Street, I picked it back up, knowing I only had about a half mile to the finish.  I finished strong, and got my PR.

I really enjoyed running this race, and was happy to have gotten the opportunity (thanks, Jeff).

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