Race Report: Rev3 Knoxville (Olympic)

This is my first triathlon of the year.  Rev3 Knoxville had two different distances with the Olympic and the Half-Rev.  I signed up for the Olympic (.9 mile swim, 40k bike, 10k run) last year when they had the discount (Yay me!).  After being a spectator last year at the event, I knew this was going to be a race I had to do.  It’s very well organized and all around fun event.

Let me explain something though.  I was NOT prepared to do well in this race.  I even debated on whether to not do the race at all weeks prior to this event.  I had barely been swimming, I had only been outside on the bike twice with the longest ride being 10ish miles.  I didn’t even own a wetsuit yet!  I just wasn’t prepared.  I debated and debated, and decided to go, because I knew no matter what, it’d be fun, and I’d be races with friends.

So I bought a wetsuit (review coming soon), rode a couple of times, did a long pool swim to see if I still had the endurance, and did a couple of open water swims with my new wetsuit.  The bike… well, I did a 15 mile ride, and a couple of trainer rides.  I can’t be perfect.

Dale and I ended up working out the room situation, and even rode down together.  No issues there, at least once Dale figured out that I65 doesn’t take us to Knoxville.  We got checked in, had some lunch, and checked in our bikes with fellow Training Studio & Landsharks athletes.  Dale and I later decided to order in for dinner and rest up, since we had an early morning.

We met everyone early on Saturday morning, to get our transition set up.  I forgot to fill my water bottles before heading to transition, so I walked around and took a little bit of water from several people that were nice enough to spare some of their own.  It was a little cool down by the river, so we all got in our wetsuits early to stay warm until the start.  The pro’s started at 7, and my wave didn’t start until 7:50.  So I had lots of time to stand around and mingle with everyone else.

That's me in front

Finally time to get into the water!  My age group hopped in and the water wasn’t that bad.  I was excited to get it going.  The swim started and I took it easy.  At the turnaround, I noticed other swim cap colors were upon me.  It looks like another wave caught up with me 🙂  I didn’t care, I was just enjoying it.  I did notice once I got to the end of the swim, I was a little off course, so I had to cut it sharp toward the dock instead of the smart swimmers who stayed closer to the buoys.

Once out of the water, I made my way to transition, stripping off the wetsuit as I ran.  This wasn’t as hard as I had imagined it would be.  Once I got to my bike, I kinda took my time getting everything ready.  As I made my way out of transition, Dale was also heading out too (Dale did the bike portion of the Half-Rev as part of a relay team).  So we both mounted and Dale passed me early.  Then Melanie (also from the Training Studio) came up and went with Dale.  I pass Curt (a Landshark) and headed up the road on a nice steady pace (Curt would be the only person I passed that didn’t pass me later).

The bike course was hilly, but not as bad as I had imagined it would be.  I’m used to the hills, so that was the only time I felt strong.  The weather was cool, and we had just barely some sprinkles, so it was perfect.  I didn’t take in any real nutrition on the bike, except I did grab some Gatorade at the only aid station on the bike course (it was warm- gross).  I enjoyed the ride, even though I knew I wasn’t breaking any records.  As we made our way back into town, I tried to pick it up, to look good for the spectators, but I knew I wasn’t fooling anyone.

Transition to T2 was a little faster.  I was a little anxious, because the run portion was the only one I wanted to do well.  My goal in my mind was to keep it around 8:45 pace.  If I could go faster, then do it.

I started the run feeling really good.  I passed a few people, and before mile 1, I saw Marshall finishing up the run.  I saw Jeff around mile 2.5.  I was starting to heat up by the turnaround, and grabbed water at every stop.  By mile 4, I wasn’t feeling too well.  I think the lack of calorie intake was taking it’s toll.  So, as I was passed by Kevin, I took a couple min walk break.  I then ran again until the next water station and walked while I drank.  I then picked it back up, cause I was a little over a mile away from the finish.  As I headed back around transition, I saw Bob, and they cheered me on.  This gave me a little boost to take all the way in.  It was cool running down the shoot to the finish, as the announcer said my name.

Afterwards, I stayed around and cheered every friend I still had on the course.  This took a while, since a majority of the others did the longer Half-Rev.  It was a great time, and race.  More importantly, it was fun to do it with so many good people.  It will definitely be on my race schedule for next year.

My Time:

Total 3:05:13

Swim 33:11 (2.17min/100m)

Bike 1:30:22 (16.46mph)

Run 55:24 (8:55 pace)

T1 3:38

T2 2:37

Here is the link to the official race photos taken by Brighthouse.

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