Race Report: Run for Freedom 5K

I have been wanting to see if I’m getting faster.  Now I know I have improved on my 10k, 10 mile, and half-marathon times this year, but I wouldn’t consider being fast in those.  I wanted to test my body to see how well I do in a shorter race being uncomfortable the whole time.  The Run for Freedom 5K is where this was going to take place…

This race was only a week after doing Rev3, so I made sure not to overdue any training that week.  Actually, I think I ran once, and nothing else leading up to the 5K.  I was on vacation the whole week too, so I got a lot of Call of Duty in with Bill…

So morning of, I had my mom drop me off (since no one wanted to stay and cheer me on), and I walked to the starting line at Matter Park.  My plan was to run home after the race to get in a little more mileage.  I was there a little early, cause I needed to register.  Got my packet, and then realized, I didn’t have anywhere to put this newly acquired stuff while I raced, and while running home.  I saw they had a booth to hold these things during the race, and I would just improvise for the run home.

I saw a couple of friends from the area and talked with them before the race so I wouldn’t feel stupid standing there alone.  I started my warmup to get ready, then tucked into line with another friend I hadnt’ seen in years.

The Race started fast, but I knew I’d have to run hard the whole way to meet my goal (between 23-24 minutes).  I was immediately breathing hard but didn’t let up.  I wanted to slow down for pretty much the whole race.  It was an out and back through Matter Park, and down the river, and then back the way we came.  I was excited to do a bit of passing, which usually doesn’t happen, but I did get passed as well 🙂  Right before the turnaround, I felt pretty good about my pace, but not my legs.  I didn’t grab water, cause I thought it’d slow me down…  Besides, it was a short race, I can get water after.

The run back after the turnaround wasn’t fun at all.  I only kept my mind on how good I’d feel once I got to the finish.  The hill by the tennis courts was the only part of the course that had a hill, and it sucked.  I still kept a good pace, and tried to pick it up after the hill to not lose any ground.  I might have slowed down about a half mile to go, but picked it up, once I turned down the road to the finish.  I ran as hard as a good with a sustained effort to get to the end.

My time was a decent 23:36, and a PR for me.  It was a 7:36 average pace.

I stayed and mingled with more friends I hadn’t seen in years, and tried to recover for my additional 3 miles I had to run home.

I think this will be an annual race for me.  It’s for a good cause, it’s in my home town, and I get to see people I don’t normally get to see.

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One Response to Race Report: Run for Freedom 5K

  1. Gina says:

    Daaaang dude, well done! You’ve gotten crazy fast. Congrats! Kinda wish I had been there. Would be fun to see folks.

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