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Primal Blueprint 30 Day Challenge – Are you in with me?

I’m a follower on Mark Sisson’s blog (Mark’s Daily Apple) and recently purchased both The Primal Blueprint and The Primal Blueprint Cookbook.  I have even started to cut out grains in my life, but the pizza is something that is … Continue reading

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Review: Beachbody’s 2-Day Fast

I had some people ask me about this product, and even had a friend try it.  I had never done a fast before, so I decided to be a “product of the product” and give it a whirl.  I thought … Continue reading

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Food, Inc

If you care even the least about what you put into your mouth, please watch this documentary.  Not really much more I can say, that isn’t quoted at the end of the film. “When you go to the supermarket, choose … Continue reading

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Today Marks 1Year for this Blog!

I’ve started and have quit so many blogs, you wouldn’t believe.  I lose interest in things too quickly, or I run out of ideas, or thought to share.  I think you have to have something that you’re passionate about to … Continue reading

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“Food calorie counts are Frequently off”

That’s the title of an article I just read on Yahoo News.  It’s call Dieters “Beware: Food Calories are Frequently Off”.  You should definitely go read it, but here is the jist of the findings… “…foods may contain an average … Continue reading

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My eating habits have gone to…

Crap?  Not totally, but I’m not being as disciplined as I used to be.  I need to reel things in, especially since the holidays are here.  It’s harder to be good, and I can’t waste all the hard work I’ve … Continue reading

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I finished Power 90 today!!!

I did my last Power 90 workout this morning, and I was both excited and sad. It’s kinda odd to be sad about finishing a workout, but I just know that I won’t watch it again (unless I become stupid … Continue reading

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